squish dylann roof!!


WARNING!! ULTRA scary...


ight so for images copy and paste shit switch it around like the pic section to "pic(whatever number next)"

for text use the p and /p, the / basically closes the thing u use that for all of the things same with style (thats for css)

keep everything in between the body tags pleak and make sure u add beginning and closing tags in between commands so like yeah whats in the code already

best tip of all... STEAL! is mwhere you should steal codes from but change them to fit your standard

so for codepen it has two little sections HTML and CSS, copy and past the HTML part anywhere on the next line after the line of code before it, then type:

the less than symbol, "style", and the greater than symbol, copy an paste that on the next line but add a / before the "style", then add the CSS code in between them

u can see i did this below in the code bestie

good luck if you have any questions im here bestie!


pic1 pic2 pic3

pic4 pic5 pic6

pic7 pic8 pic9 pic10

pic11 pic12 pic13

pic14 pic15 pic16